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The Bad Guys

While most of Dreamland is filled with wonderful people and happy children, there is a dark place, where all the sadness and fear of children gathers.  This place is called the Land of Shadows and is the home and kingdom of the King of Nightmares, a living shadow.  His sidekick is Fumbles and together they lead an army of Shadow Warriors who, with their Shadow Steeds, try to turn good dreams into nightmares.

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The King of Nightmares

His real name is Zealous, and he was the first apprentice Dream Maker to the King of Dreamland.  He was great at making dreams, but he thought adding scary things to frighten children was funny.  When the King found out he banished him to the Land of Shadows, where he became connected to the Land of Shadows as a living shadow.  He is so connected in fact, that he can only be away from the Land of Shadows for an hour before it draws him back to the Dark Castle.  He has vowed to turn all good dreams into nightmares and sends his Shadow Warriors to try to disrupt all the fun in Dreamland.  He also tries to think up schemes to try to make good dreams bad.  Because he is a living shadow, he can transform himself into anything he wants, he can even slip into the real world, but he can't change the fact that he has no color, but he still tries to disguise himself in order to perpetrate his dastardly plans.  So be careful if you are dreaming and a colorless character approaches may just be the King of Nightmares in another disguise!



Fumbles is the Head Shadow Warrior and is the main henchman of the King of Nightmares.  Like the King of Nightmares, he is a living shadow, created from the sadness and fear of children, so he has pretty low self-esteem and is easily weakened in bright light.  He is a bit of an oaf and the usual sidekick of the King of Nightmares.  He is also a bit clumsy, which is how he got his name.


Shadow Warriors

The Shadow Warriors are a group of shadows the King of Nightmares has enlisted into his army.  They are big and imposing looking, but because they are made of sadness and fear, they are actually very cowardly and flee the moment they run into any resistance.  If they are exposed to very bright light they become weakened and have to take a dip in the Ink Well to regenerate.  


Shadow Steeds

The Shadow Steeds are shadows who have taken the form of horses.  They accompany the Shadow Warriors when they try to attack good dreams and always seem to be angry.  Perhaps it's because they never felt loved by their mothers, the Night Mares.

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