"The idea was to allow the Dream Dragon character to grow

and evolve as the child grows and evolves."

The Dream Dragon stories were originally put into one of three categories: educational, empowerment and general entertainment, although there is crossover of each "E" in every story.  The idea was to allow the Dream Dragon character to grow and evolve as the child grows and evolves.  The first stories are basic educational topics, for preschool and early readers, with subjects like learning to count to ten, identifying shapes and learning the alphabet.  These stories are part of The Dream Dragon: Look What I Know series, with an emphasis on learning.  The next part of the series are The Dream Dragon: Tuck 'em in Bedtime Stories, which are mainly for entertainment purposes, while also providing early readers with easy to read stories, some of which cover more serious topics, like dealing with scary nightmares.  The last stories in the series are The Dream Dragon: Lessons To Learn From stories.  These are for older kids who have grown to love and trust the Dream Dragon character, which is vital for these stories to have the positive influence they are intended to have.  These stories deal with very serious topics, like drugs, gangs and even inappropriate touching.


"Empowerment is an extremely important topic,

especially when it comes to our kids!"

Lessons To Learn From stories.  Empowerment is an extremely important topic, especially when it comes to our kids!  As adults we have learned how vital being empowered is in order to overcome obstacles, tackle difficult situations in life and even becoming a good person and a productive, contributing member of society.  But today children are faced with so many more challenges than most parents or grandparents were faced with when they were growing up.  This is why empowering our kids is so important.  Because kids seem so much more advanced and mature at earlier and earlier ages, it is easy to forget that their little minds are still developing and that they still need our help and guidance, even if they don't think they do!  Examples set by parents and the influential adults in their life have a huge impact on the development of a child, so it is important to not only discuss and instill lessons to empower the children, but for the adults to take their own advice and live their own empowered life.  If a parent or an adult who is often around children is struggling with self confidence issues or allows fear of change or other personal issues to hold them back, then that is what the children are seeing and what they are learning.  Children learn what they live, which is why it is important to always keep that in mind.  If you want your child to become a self confident, self assured adult, then they will need to see those traits from the people who influence them the most.   The Dream Dragon: Lessons To Learn From stories cover topics which may be difficult to discuss, but the stories are easy to read and understand, which will make starting these somewhat difficult conversations much easier for parents.  The stories also provide a jumping off point for parents to bring up sensitive topics, like inappropriate touching.