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Tips from the Queen

The Queen of Dreamland may only have one daughter, but she has encountered millions and millions of children, so she knows a thing or two about dealing with kids.  Here are a few pearls of wisdom from her treasure chest of sound parental advice!

​​"Open a world of fantasy, mystery or history and watch them light up."

  1. Read to your children.  Take a few minutes and read to your kids.  Encourage their reading and set a great example by picking up a book and reading it yourself.  There is something about a book which is unlike anything else.  There are no distractions from pop-up ads or new email messages or Facebook posts or Instagram messages.  It's just the reader and the pages.  Open a world of fantasy, mystery or history and watch them light up.  It's easy to show them how to improve themselves and show them that you care at the same time. 

  2. Set a GREAT example for your kids and ditch the device every now and then.  Having a set time to turn off devices and spend time with one another is an excellent way to ensure that no one is becoming too distant or isolated.  Meal times are a great place to start.  When it's time for dinner, call everyone to the table and power down.  Put all the devices on silent and put them out of sight, having them visible creates an unnecessary temptation.  Only keep either Mom or Dad's ringer on, just in case of an actual emergency.  Game night or even home movie night are also great times to ditch the device!  While it may be difficult in the beginning, once a routine has been established and once the kids see that they can actually have fun without having their faces glued to a device, it will actually make the time spent together that much more enjoyable!

  3. Spend time with your kids. Even if you have a full schedule, make sure you allot some time, even if it is just a few minutes, to not only be in the same room with your children, but actually spend time and interact with them!  A bedtime story is a great way to find this time and end the day on a positive note.  Remember, as the adult, it is your responsibility to make time for your kids, not the other way around!  If you feel your child or children are growing distant, maybe you need to evaluate if you are actually the one becoming distant.  Your actions set the example that your children will learn and most likely imitate for the rest of their lives.  Be sure your example is a good one!

  4. Listen to your children.  How many times have we "heard" our children and responded by saying, "keep it down!"?  Instead of just hearing our children, or even tuning them out completely, we need to try listening.  Even if the conversation doesn’t involve you, listen to your kids, they might just surprise you!

  5. Be involved with your children.  Let them know that you are not just the parent, that you are also someone who they can trust.  Kids lose their parents when they do not feel like they can confide in or trust them.  Know their hobbies, their teachers, and their friends.  It's okay to be a friend to your children, but that doesn't mean letting them do whatever they want or allowing them to behave inappropriately.  Would your friends let you do that?  Of course not, if they did, they probably aren't really your friend.  Be a parent when you need to, but be a REAL friend always and remember real friends can call us on our misgivings, which end up making us better people!

  6. The most important tip:  Cherish the gift of parenthood!  You have been blessed with a gift, your child or children!  Like any gift, it should be appreciated and this blessing should not be taken lightly.  Remember each day that you have the opportunity to not only help shape the entire life of another person, but the lives that your children will influence and shape in the future.  Give this the serious attention and commitment it deserves!

Hear what actor Geoffrey Holder had to say about the Dream Dragon!

Geoffrey Holder became world famous as the "7-Up Uncola Man" back in the 1970's with his deep, rich voice and his infectious laugh!  He furthered his fame when he played the role of Punjab in the motion picture Annie, with Albert Finney and Carol Burnett.  Mr. Holder was the original voice of the Dream Dragon and he had some very nice things to say about this lovable character!

Parent Editorial

How the Dream Dragon Can Help!

"It is very important to "teach" a child, but it is also important to "empower" them."


Parents and teachers of today are faced with challenges which were unthinkable not so long ago.  The news reports are filled with violence and suffering.  Shocking Talk Shows compete to see who can bring to light the most disturbing social situations.  Not so long ago these types of reports and situations were few and far between.  They were also problems  faced by adults, however, today they are increasingly effecting one of our most valuable resources: our children.

Babies are born addicted to drugs, little girls are becoming mothers, children, who should be care free, are committing suicide over failed relationships or bullying and children are viciously attacking and in some cases killing other children.  With society accepting this new mentality, the innocence of childhood is being lost.  It has become painfully obvious that the children of today need a new direction to become the adults of tomorrow.  Children of today need a hero.  Not one who can vanquish a foe from another world or one with 10 mechanical arms.  They also do not need so called "heroes" who hit a home run one day and are arrested for drug possession or domestic abuse the next.  They need a hero who will set an example and guide them with sound advice.  Not someone they can look up AT, but someone they can look up TO!  A hero who can help them face the challenges of today, a hero to help protect them from the monsters of today, a monster that may live just next door.

It is very important to "teach" a child, but it is also important to "empower" them.  To teach you instill knowledge; to empower you instill confidence and self worth.  In our fast paced world we must slow down enough to ensure that our children learn the lessons that will both teach and empower them.  Our stories use the Dream Dragon character to entertain, educate and empower children of all ages.  In addition to all the benefits to children, there are also great benefits to parents and teachers.  Both parents and teachers can use all the help they can get to teach the lessons that, unfortunately, are needed to be learned in this day and age.  The Dream Dragon stories will help to teach those much needed lessons and try to help give our children a chance at a better tomorrow!

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Clips from Gerald Kostecka's appearance on the Rob Nelson Show, discussing teen and pre-teen sex in America.

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