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The Kids of the Real World

These are the kids who live on Maple Court in the "real world" and all visit Dreamland when they dream.  They all go to the same school, are all friends and they are all about the same age.  They enjoy adventures in Dreamland and sometimes they even run into each other while they are dreaming. 



Olivia is 6 years old and loves to sing and be with her friends.  She loves to perform and her favorite music are show tunes.  She is very intelligent and wants to be a doctor when she grows up and has a natural caring disposition.  She's a great friend and is very kind and gentle, she would be the first person to try to help if someone were hurt or upset.



Aiden is 6 years old and loves science and singing.  He is a smaller child, but he doesn't let his size stop him from doing anything.  He is a gentle, “old soul”, who loves adventure and having fun.  He is very inquisitive and sometimes his curiosity gets him into trouble.  His best friend is Lucas and they love hanging out in Aiden's backyard playhouse called "Aiden's Castle".



Chloe is 7 years old and loves all things science and math related.  She lights up any room she enters and loves her family, especially her Grandmother.  She likes to dance and play with her dolls and her giant doll house.  She speaks both English and Spanish, is very smart and is an excellent problem solver.



Lucas is 6 years old and loves sports and always has on his “lucky hat”.  He has an older brother who he is always trying to impress.  Aiden is his best friend and they love hanging out together or playing.  He's a great athlete, but often holds back so Aiden can keep up.  He is a team player, smart and kind.  Most people don’t know it, but he is very good at playing the piano.



Sophie is 7 years old and loves being a girl.  She embraces her femininity, but does not push it on others.  She likes to cook and dress up, but she also loves tossing the football with her Dad.  Although she doesn’t show it often, she is a very good athlete and can throw a football very well.  She is very understanding, friendly, smart and generous.



Jackson is 7 years old and is a nice kid.  He is polite, fun loving and kind of a goofball.  Donny is one of his best friends.  Jackson  loves candy, but because his Mom is a dentist, he rarely gets to eat it, which is why it is the thing he dreams most about when he goes to Dreamland.  His love for candy creates quite a scene as he stars in the first Dream Dragon cartoon episode, The Sour Case of the Candy Crops.

Jeff 1.5.png
Jeff 2.5.png


Jeff is 7 years old and is the newest resident to Maple Court.  He was born with a degenerative disk disease and has never been able to walk, so he’s lived most of his life in a wheelchair.  Jeff is smart and outgoing, but he is guarded because he feels that other kids either feel sorry for him or underestimate him because of his disability, so he tries really hard to be “normal”.  To make up for what he thinks he lacks in real life, Jeff has developed a superhero alter ego, Wheels, which he transforms into when he visits Dreamland.  Wheels is fast and agile, everything Jeff isn’t in real life, but he discovers that the kids of Maple Court can see the true hero inside of Jeff and they welcome the real him, even in Dreamland.   



Donny is 6 years old and he loves to read and is excellent at spelling.  He is very kind and has lots of friends, but he has terrible stage fright so he seldom gets in front of any size group.  He and his family are from Vietnam and he loves his Mom's homemade Pho soup!  Jackson is one of his best friends. 

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