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The Knights of Catcher's Table

The Knights of Catcher's Table are a band of stuffed animals who come to life when a child is sleeping and needs help in the “real world”.  Many of the knights belong to Aiden, who has a big collection of knightly stuffed animals which he plays with in his backyard playhouse called "Aiden's Castle".  The group is led by the brave Sir Arty, The Good Knight, and together they have made a pact to protect children in the real world as they sleep.


Sir Arty - The Good Knight

Sir Arty is a traditional brown teddy bear, about 18” tall.  He is not the biggest of the stuffed animals, but he is the leader of the Knights of Catcher’s Table and is known as the “Good Knight”.  He is the bravest of all the knights and is 100% loyal to his duty to protect children.  He has a very strong presence and seems serious all the time, but he is actually very friendly and caring.  He is also the lead singer of a Barbershop Quartet called The Sweet Dreamers.


Sir Dancealot

Sir Dancelot is a traditional black teddy bear, about 18” tall.  He is Sir Arty’s best friend and his right hand bear.  As his name implies, he loves to dance and does so every chance he gets.  He is courageous and enjoys the chance to protect children.

Lady Brownie.png

Lady Brownie

Lady Brownie is a 24” tall stuffed brown teddy bear and is known as the Sweet Knight.  That's because she has a sweet tooth for….NOPE, not brownies, she loves a delicious confection called  divinity!  She is prim and proper, until it’s time to fight; then she’s all business.


Sir Liono

Sir Liono is a stuffed lion, about 20” tall.  He is very formal, having come from the “royalty” of the savanna.  He speaks with a slight British accent and is the most level headed of all the knights.  He is also one of the members of The Sweet Dreamers Barbershop Quartet.


Sir Bedocheer

Sir Bedocheer is a patchwork teddy bear, about 20” tall.  He is always happy and filled with good will and cheer.  Being made from patchwork, he understands different people and things, since he embodies being made up of lots of different parts and diversity.  He always has a smile and has a deep, hearty laugh.

Lady Gladihad.png

Lady Gladihad

Lady Gladihad is a small teddy bear, about 16” tall.  Don’t let her size fool you, she is basically a warrior princess type character, tough and beautiful.  All of the male characters pine for her, but, for some unknown reason she only has eyes for Sir Bubba.  She got her name because after meeting someone for the first time, she always says "I'm glad I had the pleasure of meeting you."


Sir Effalant

Sir Effalant is a stuffed elephant, about 24” tall.  He is very friendly and loves to sing.  He speaks and sings out of the end of his truck, instead of out of his mouth.  He also uses his trunk as a third arm, which allows him to do things the other knights simply can’t do.  He also plays the piano.  Like a real elephant, he is very strong and never forgets.  He is very considerate and polite.  He is also a member of The Sweet Dreamers Barbershop Quartet.


Sir Palomineis

Sir Palomineis is a stuffed Palomino horse, about 18” tall, but got his name because Sir Bubba always refers to him as a "pal of mines".  He is the fastest knight and uses his speed to help whenever he is needed.  He can also jump very high, so he is often called upon when obstacles needing physical ability to overcome are encountered.

Lady Safer.png

Lady Safer

Lady Safer is a stuffed white teddy bear, about 18” tall, who wears a pretty pink bow in her hair.  She carries a lace covered parasol, which hides her sword.  She looks very dainty and ladylike, but is actually very tough and is not someone you want to mess with!  Her voice is soft and soothing, which is the opposite of how she acts.


Sir Bubbarion Hypottimus (Bubba) - The Barbarian Knight


Sir Bubba is a stuffed hippo, about 20” tall.  Sir Bubba is unable to say his own full name, which is always funny when he introduces himself.  He is missing his right ear and often responds with a “what?” to people who talk to him while on his right side, but more as a joke, than not being able to hear them.  He is kind and caring and often forgets his own strength.


Sir Polaris


Sir Polaris is a white stuffed polar bear, about 22” tall.  He is very quiet and reserved, but tough as nails and cool as a cucumber.  He is the kind of knight who would never start a quarrel, but would always finish it.  He is smitten with Lady Safer and always makes sure she is well protected, even though she rarely needs any help from any of the “guys”.


Sir Grizzled


Sir Grizzled is a giant 4 foot tall oversized valentine’s day stuffed Grizzly Bear – with a bright red heart on the right side of his chest with a button that when pushed says “I Love You”.  In skirmishes, the button has been known to be accidentally pushed, which has the words “I Love You” being said in the middle of a battle.  His voice is very high, contrary to his size.  His best friend is the smallest of all the knights, Sir Allynear.


Sir Allynear


Sir Allynear is a tiny 5” white teddy bear, with a red bow around his neck.  He has a very, very deep voice and he often leads with his voice and an oversized shadow when going into battle and is then made fun of by his adversaries.  But don’t let his small stature fool you, he is VERY tough, skilled and, little do his enemies know, Sir Grizzled, the biggest of the knights, is his best friend and always close by in a pinch.


Sir Dagnabit the Gray - The Brainy Knight


Sir Dagnabit the Gray is a 14” tall stuffed billy goat, with a gray beard.  The consummate pessimists, he is always able to see the holes in plans or ideas and he is very willing to voice his opinions about them, which saves the group on numerous occasions.  Although he always seems to be in a bad mood, he actually loves playing jokes on his unsuspecting comrades. 

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