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Beware, for you have entered the
Land of Shadows

The Kingdom of the King of Nightmares

In a dark corner of the world of Dreamland is a cold, scary place called the Land of Shadows.  It is in this unfriendly place that all of the fear and sadness of children gathers and becomes living shadows. 

Many, many centuries ago, the King of Dreamland banished a very bad Apprentice Dream Maker named Zealous.   He was a very good Dream Maker, except that he liked adding scary things to frighten the children.  When the King found out, he was furious.   He banished Zealous to the Land of Shadows.  Zealous slowly turned into a living shadow, in fact he became the darkest shadow ever.  He proclaimed himself the King of Nightmares and made the Land of Shadows his Kingdom and the Dark Castle his home.

With his lead henchman, Fumbles, and his terrible Shadow Warriors, he spends each night trying to turn children's good dreams into nightmares.  But each night he is unsuccessful, as the Dream Dragon chases them back to the Land of Shadows.  But beware!  The King of Nightmares can turn himself into any shadow and could be close by.  But do not worry, if the King of Nightmares tries to turn your good dreams into nightmares, the Dream Dragon will be there to chase him back to the Land of Shadows!

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