With this beautiful Dream Crystal necklace, you can take a little piece of Dreamland with you everywhere you go!  Mined from the Dream Crystal mines at the base of the Mystical Mountains in Dreamland*, no two Dream Crystals are exactly alike.  When you order, one of the Dreamland Master Jewelers will hand pick your Dream Crystal just for you, so your stunning Dream Crystal will be as unique as you are!  Your Dream Crystal is over 1" (one inch) tall and comes on a sturdy 16" (sixteen inch) waxed cotton cord necklace, with a large, easy to open lobster clasp.  You'll be the envy of all your freinds in this attractive piece of dream jewelry!





*Dream Crystals are natural Amesthyst quartz stone and are not actually mined in Dreamland; they come from the real world.

Dream Crystal with 16" Black Waxed Cotton Cord Necklace


    ONLY $14.99!

    Olivia 3.5.jpg
    Olivia 1.jpg

    This is Olivia, a good friend of the Dream Dragon, and she has a beautiful collection of necklaces.  She recently added the Dream Crystal necklace she is wearing to her collection and it has quickly become one of her favorites!  The beautiful purple crystal pendant perfectly rounds out her collection and you can get your own Dream Crystal necklace to either start or expand your own collection!  Thank you for the pictures Olivia, you look stunning!