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Introducing the latest innovation to hit Dreamland!!


Created by Barnabus Snale, the Dreamland Postmaster General and the fastest snail in all of Dreamland, now your children can write letters to their favorite friend from Dreamland or one of the Knights of Catcher’s Table and get a REAL LETTER delivered to them in the mail!  The excitement of receiving an actual letter in the mail is back!

For only $4.99 per month, your child can write as many letters as they want, to any of the characters found in the Dreamland Address Book, and each month they will receive at least one response letter sent via US Mail from their very own Dreamland Pen Pal!  This truly interactive experience helps develop writing and communication skills and lets them experience the thrill of receiving an ACTUAL letter in the mail, just like us old-kids used to enjoy…addressed and written just for them!

Click below to subscribe and let the letter writing commence! 

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