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Dream Dragon Safety Squad: "Kid Safety" Is A Bright Idea!


What is "Kid Safety"?  Kid Safety is a special kind of safety.  It is more than just being careful, it's about kids watching out for themselves and watching out for their friends.  It's about learning how to be safe and about teaching other children what has been learned.  Kid Safety is about becoming a leader and showing that you care!  Kid Safety teaches children how to effectively handle dangerous situations.  It teaches them what to do if a stranger approaches them or what to do if they are caught in a fire.  It explains how playing with their friends can help keep them safe and that staying away from drugs and

gangs can keep them out of trouble and safe!  The first step towards Kid Safety is becoming an official Dream Dragon Safety Squad Member!  When a child becomes a member, they will receive a complete digital membership kit.  The kit includes different Kid Safety information and tips, a membership card and information about how to become a Safety Squad Special Agent.  Membership is FREE, so enroll as an official Dream Dragon Safety Squad Member today!  Just use the form below to join the ranks of the Safety Squad!

Safety Tip: Safety at School

We all know that it is important to be safe at home and when we are out playing, but it is also very important to be safe at school!  There are many ways to practice safety at school.  Being safe in class is one very important way.  Be sure to follow directions and stay in your seat.  Don't throw things or horseplay in class.  The classroom is for learning, not rough housing or horseplay.  Besides, classrooms are too small and people can easily get hurt if people are playing as if they were outside.  You also want to be sure to be safe on the playground.  Follow the rules of games you are playing and treat other people the way you would like to be treated.  Never leave the school grounds without permission and quickly tell a teacher or adult if a stranger is ever hanging around your school or trying to talk to you or other students.  Another way to keep safe is to talk to you parents about school.  Tell them if unsafe things are being allowed to happen at school or if anyone ever makes any threats or acts violently towards you or anyone else.  Remember, school safety is everyone's job and that it is important that you and your fellow students follow the rules.  It's important to tell a responsible adult if something is wrong and this is NOT tattle telling!  Being a tattle-tale means you tell on someone just to try to get them into trouble, not because what they are doing is so bad.  Telling an adult about something unsafe is not tattling, it is doing the right thing and will help you and your classmates!  Below are some specific school rules you should follow:

  1. Never talk to or accept a ride from a stranger.

  2. Always go straight to and from school. If you are going to be late for any reason, call your parents and tell them.

  3. Always walk to and from school with a parent or a group of other children. There is safety in numbers!

  4. Have your parents show you a few neighbors houses which are "Safe Places" to go if you feel in danger or if there is trouble and you're not sure what to do.

  5. Practice "Kid Safety" and look out for your friends.  If any of them are in trouble, go get help right away!


Enjoy School & Be Safe!

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