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Olive T. (7 years old) - 5 STARS!  "Hi! I liked it. I love the princess!"
Aurica B. - 5 STARS!  "Congratulations! You've created a great tool for our children and grandchildren to entertain them and help them learn.  I am sure you are on your way to a great success!"
K.P. - 5 STARS!  "I really enjoyed this cartoon!  All in all, great show!"
Jolene S. - 5 STARS!  "I'm not a kid and don't have kids, but I loved it!  I want to watch all of them!  I hit replay for The Sour Case of the Candy Crops twice.  It's fun and educational.  Your first episode is fabulous, seriously!"
Kristina M. - 5 STARS!  "Wow, you covered so many great lessons: if it sounds to good to be true it probably is, team work helps get a job done and adds fun, balance your food with good food and sweets, ask for help if you need it, the important work a farmer does and how to plant a field.  Great job! I liked it!"

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The Origins of the Dream Dragon

"In a lot of ways, the Dream Dragon saved my life.  This lovable character came into existence in a 16-line poem I wrote when I was 17 years old.  It was during a very turbulent time of my life.   My road wasn't always easy, but I kept the spirit of the Dream Dragon deep inside me, which helped light my way during my darkest days.  The Dream Dragon is the Guardian of Dreamland and protects the good dreams of children from the evil King of Nightmares and his henchmen, the Shadow Warriors!  Together with the King and Queen, and the whole Dreamland gang, the Dream Dragon sets off on exciting adventures to delight children with the "3-E's": Education, Empowerment & Entertainment!"  The origin and journey of the Dream Dragon reads like a real life saga, with tragedy and triumph, successes and failures.     Read more...

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