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Here's what people just like you are saying about the Dream Dragon Tuck em' in Bedtime Story Dreamtime Friend.

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A 5 star book for children young and old!


Review by T. Brown, California


I am highly impressed with the quality of the book!  It has brilliant illustrations and large, easy to read print.

The story is an enchanting tale of a child who drifts off to sleep and is befriended by the Dream Dragon. They set off for fun and adventure.  The Dream Dragon website is marvelously entertaining.  This book is a MUST for any collection, and I await the authors’ next publication!

A New Bedtime Favorite!

Review by Debbie from Maryland

This is a wonderful book for children of all ages.  In the story, you are introduced to the Dream Dragon, who has come to Dreamland to protect children from nightmares.  I read this book to my 5 yr old, who absolutely adored it!  She's just learning to read, and was able to follow along.  She laughed at the Dream Dragon's silly antics, was mesmerized by the adorable illustrations, and demanded that I read it over and over and over... This will become your child's favorite bedtime story!

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Delights the child within each of us!


Review by J. Collins, California

Dream Time Friend, a new first-in-series book by Nyle Steck, delights the child within each of us!  This book depicts the Dreamland antics of the playful purple Dream Dragon, as told through the eyes of a child.  It is beautifully illustrated in full color and appears to be readable even by beginners.  It made me smile and recall fond memories of Peter Pan, Santa Claus, and other magical characters as I read it.  A grandmother friend of mine and I reviewed it a couple of times; she commented that her grand kids would LOVE it!  I hope to see more in a series of these books, as will many eager kids no doubt!

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