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Join the Dream Dragon and all of his friends as they embark on Adventures In Dreamland!  Each episode is packed with lots of fun, while still having a valuable lesson or two by the end.  The pilot episode is called The Sour Case of the Candy Crops and features Jackson, a 7 year old fun loving, goofball, with a major sweet tooth.  But his Mom is a dentist, so sweets are a no-no!  Since he can't eat sweets in the real world, he does the next best thing and eats as much as he wants, in Dreamland.  Jackson meets Farmer Ted, the Head Agricultural Engineer and keeper of the delicious candy crops, and together they discover that something sour is afoot with the newest harvest; all the candy crops taste like broccoli!  It turns out this debacle is another scheme of the King of Nightmares to try to bring good dreams to an end.  If nothing in Dreamland is sweet, can children still have sweet dreams?  Will this be the beginning of the end for the Dream Dragon, the King of Dreamland, his loyal subjects and all the young dreamers in Dreamland?  Watch it now and find out!

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