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Check out the sneak preview of the highly anticipated and eagerly awaited pilot episode of the all new Dream Dragon Adventures In Dreamland  cartoon.  Enjoy!

This video is the "official" announcement about the launch of the Dream Dragon and how the creator, Gerald Kostecka, was able to make this life-long dream become a reality.

This video was recorded over 20 years ago when the book Dreamtime Friend was first published.  The book was featured on the public access show The Reading Room, hosted by Judith Lawrenson.

This is one of the newest story time readings of the book Dreamtime Friend, read by Miss Savi to her students who are currently learning from home.  Her fun "Pajama Party" is a great way to let the kids relax and enjoy this delightful bedtime story.

Story Time with Nyle Steck Videos

This is the first of the Story Time with Nyle Steck video series.  This episode features the e-picture book Dakota's Magical Journey.  A new story time book reading will be posted each week.  Enjoy!

Enjoy the newest Story Time book reading with Nyle Steck.  This time the book is Dreamtime Friend, the first book ever written by Nyle Steck.

Enjoy this delightful book about an odd donkey who is seen while the writer is walking down an old dirt road.  It is filled with funny words and an even funnier donkey!  HEE HAW!!!

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