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Dreamland is a wonderful place, fueled by the happiness and joy of children from all around the world.  It's a place where every dream can come true.  From a flowing chocolate river, to a real live teddy bear, whatever you might wish for, suddenly is there!  But watch out for the evil King of Nightmares, a living shadow who's only goal in life is to turn good dreams into nightmares!  He lives in the Land of Shadows, a dark place where all the sadness and fear of children gathers.  But have no fear, the Dream Dragon, Guardian of Dreamland, is by your side and ready to protect you.  With a mighty burst of his bright, fiery breath, even the King of Nightmares becomes so weak that he must flee back to the Land of Shadows for a dip in the Ink Well, the mysterious liquid that gives the King of Nightmares and his Shadow Warriors their shadowy darkness.  Check out the original map of Dreamland below and see which places you'll visit tonight when you sleep.

Map of Dreamland small.png
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